Our Village

My wife and I currently live in Tanzania with our four adopted Tanzanian children. Through God’s inspiration, we have been able to build a village that will give children a chance to grow mentally, spiritually and physically. We have finished eight homes with two slides, two sets of swing sets, and two merry-go-rounds in the center. Each home has room for 14 children and two or three adults to care for the children like they are part of a family. Each home is 1,600 square feet and only costs us $29.95 per square foot, for a total cost of $47,920 per home.


We are interested in bringing volunteers in that have skills in specific areas of need. Recently, we were able to bring someone in to help us with our solar panels. He was able to help us move from using our generator to completely living off of solar energy. We have a long list of skills that we could use to help us become more self-sustainable. Please contact us if you are interested in donating your time.

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Community Impact

The surrounding village does not have a reliable water source since they only have water when it rains. We have been giving the village 25,000 liters of water per week when they don’t have water. 

We currently have 45 full-time Tanzanian employees including mothers for the children, shepherds for the livestock, plumbers, and general farm and maintenance workers. Approximately 25 of the 45 employees have been hired from the surrounding village.

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