Falco's Children

Of the 42 million people in Tanzania, 2.5 million are orphans under the age of 15. My wife and I discovered this problem for ourselves on a trip to Tanzania some years ago. We knew these children deserved better. We wanted to give them a home of their own, clothing, healthy food and clean drinking water. Through Falco’s Children Village, these orphaned children will find safety, love, a sense of belonging, and a brighter future. They will have a wide variety of educational, vocational, and recreational experiences to help them each grow individually and be ready for adulthood.


House 256 orphaned and abandoned children in Falco's Children Village.

Furnish the children with a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Present the children with clean drinking water free of parasites, bacteria and high levels of fluoride.

Meet each child's educational needs.

Administer medical treatment, as needed, for the child's overall health.

Equip the children with skills they can utilize and benefit from as adults.

Hire qualified Tanzanian adults to work at the village.

Provide a self-sustainable village.

Obey God's mandate of working with orphans.